The Little Things

Artists have been illustrating my tweets online 🙂

For the first time I’m able to show you them in the real world.

Come and visit my exhibition here:

On until March 31st 2019.

For more info read on:


Sycamore Jones by Simon Heath

The Little Things:

Art inspired by Twitter

‘For me they’re moments of sublime beauty and wonder in the everyday that remind me of the power of the so-called ‘ordinary’ to be the shimmering basis of art.’ Ian McMillan

Radio Presenter, Writer, Man about town. The Verb Podcast

The tweets of @MirandaKeeling have captured the imagination of artists around the world. This exhibition is the result of that collision of digital commentary and physical art.

Miranda Keeling posts observational vignettes as @mirandakeeling. Each is an observation of the world around her, from people waiting in cafes, to overheard snippets of conversation on the bus: the end result is somewhere between a micro-story and haiku. Her observations paint a detailed and loving portrait of the little things of everyday life.

Since 2013, Twitter followers began illustrating her words and posting their pictures. Few artists knew that others were doing the same; they illustrated their impressions, and shared the results. An informal collection began to emerge, and now this art is breaking free of social media to find a physical home here.


Miranda Keeling has presented a Lost Lecture on her observational writing. Her work has featured on Radio 3’s The Verb, in Tweet-off on the Tyne with Poet Ian McMillan, plus the BBC’s Mark Forrest Show. Playwriting credits include Panphobia with Ceri Ashcroft and Carbon Footprint Detective Agency with Ray Downing. Both toured, including to the Arcola Theatre. Her miniature play ‘Bulldog’ was performed at the Royal Court. An excerpt from her debut novel has just been published in Gains and Losses, an anthology by Barbican Press.


Welbeck Kane, Kristi Moore, Simon Heath, Mithi Shafiq, Luci Power, Trevor Ubdegrove, Ben Cameron, BECK, Danny Noble, Rob Doyle, Paul Groom and Ronald Rudolph. They hail from Liverpool, Chesterfield, Rochester, Bristol, Scotland, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland… and even London.